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May 15, 2012
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Invite the light by Rosenbraut Invite the light by Rosenbraut
...when blood stains blondes tonight.


:bulletyellow: Photo by ~dreamcatcher-hina
:bulletyellow: Dark blonde: ~Herzensmelodie
:bulletyellow: Platinum blonde: =Rosenbraut

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Absolutely astonishing portrait! Wow! I think that it's even better than the previous shot of this same photo set. Both look just perfect! It wasn't a bad call to add the message on the previous shot of this set but I think that I prefer a clearer view of the photograph. I believe that every watcher will get his/her own conclusions and impressions about the message on each picture. One hundred people can watch the picture and you'll get one hundred different points of view and that's rich but if you add some title in the ambiance of the picture, you start to limit those points of view to certain range. I don't say that it is right or not to include a title, it's just my point of view ;) I love the color theme of the picture, this creamy orange is delicious on many levels and it's amazing how the skin colors of each models melt with the general color scheme. Great call on the use of make-up since it's quite delicate to avoid disrupt the color scheme. The rose of the hair of Herzensmelodie, the dark blonde model, is a beautiful mark on the picture and even it's interesting how the rose is "watching" to the other side than Rosenbraut, the platinum blonde model, while Herzensmelodie directly to the front, so between the rose and both models easily are getting a look to all audience if that audience would a populated crowd. The open veil over them is just the right detail screaming with silent voice a million of different message, one for each person who watches the picture, I think the veil is a more powerful "title" that any direct word that it could be inserted. And the hug of the models is grandiose, mature and stylish. A masterpiece of art!
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u both are gorgeous
So beautiful!!! Perfect!!! :heart:
Thank you very much. :)
You are simply gorgeous. You two are moving the heavens. Amazing work. :D
Awww. :heart:

You do not know how much your words mean to me.
Thank you very much, dear.

by the way, your icon is the deviation "It's a long road", isn't it? If yes, I faved it years ago, it's very strong.

And did you know the FEMALE default Shepard in the XBoX360 version is not Jane but Jordan? I never knew this was an unisex name.
It's so true though!

My icon? Seriously? I cannot find it anywhere! I have been looking in every corner of the internet trying to find it's source. I went through your favs (awesome favs btw ;))and used Google's image searcher and no luck. ;(

I didn't know FemShep's name was Jordan on the Xbox. Cool stuff! :D Yeah, there was a female Jordan in my High School with the same name as me. The school kept getting our records messed up. haha
xXAkumuKuroiyaXx Oct 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
this is beautiful! oh my god...
Thank you very much. :)
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